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“Chagrin Natural Health Clinic is the best. The doctors have changed my life with both Chiropractic and nutrition. Today I am 60 lbs. lighter and have more energy then I have had in a long time. I strongly recommend Chagrin Natural Health Clinic”Mary O.

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Chagrin Falls chiropractic is a natural health and rehabilitation practice dedicated to providing pain relief, management and overall health restoration. Our naturopathic doctor in Chagrin Falls is passionate about helping resolve any problems you may be experiencing. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to schedule your consultation today by calling 440.384.3099.

We are the #1 choice for first-time and long-term Chagrin Falls chiropractic patients. We get to know you on your first visit by discussing your health history, the reason you came to see us, and your health goals. You will work closely with our chiropractors in Chagrin Falls, Ohio to design a treatment plan that is geared toward alleviating your pain and any other unfavorable symptoms linked to your current condition. We provide service for adult and children’s chiropractic.

Why Chagrin Falls Chiropractic?

Many people seek chiropractic care from a naturopathic doctor in lieu of surgery, or merely because they have chronic pain. Our Chagrin Falls chiropractors treat patients with headaches, arthritis pain or other pain-related health conditions such as fibromyalgia. They have treatments that offer relief from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and pain in other body parts and joints. Although chiropractic isn’t a treatment for any one disease or ailment, if you have a misalignment, a body’s healing capacity may be helped by a chiropractic adjustment. We strongly recommend you consider chiropractic for some of these pain associated issues before surgery for such problems. Chiropractic adjustments are a natural, non-surgical and non-invasive approach.

Chiropractic is a healthcare strategy that focuses on the connection between the spine and the rest of the body. Adjustments to the spine with the objective of correcting alignment issues release pressure on the spinal nerves, much like the unkinking of a hose, thus allowing the nerve energy to flow freely. Removal of this interference supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself and results in pain relief, better posture, more flexibility and improvement in overall health.

We provide chiropractic services in Chagrin Falls and other cities in our service area.

Our Expert Physicians Provide Personalized Care For All Ages

Restoring Health for Over 20 Years

At least 90% of our patients come from referrals who enthusiastically tell others about the results they have achieved through our holistic medicine and personalized Health Improvement Programs. Our practice focuses on restoring the whole person. Your body knows what it needs, and our doctors can help determine what that is. They then create a program that helps you achieve the health results you deserve!

Our doctors are passionate about helping others.

We look forward to working together to resolve any problems you may be experiencing!

  • Chiropractic
    Chiropractic Care Chagrin Falls OH

    A safe, effective, proven approach for resolving back, neck, muscle and joint pain.

  • Nutrition Response Testing®
    Chiropractic Chagrin Falls OH

    Our nutritionist uses a system of analysis that identifies organ imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and toxicities causing your health condition.

  • Applied Kinesiology
    Holistic Medicine Chagrin Falls OH

    As a scientific method of diagnosis utilizing specialized muscle testing to evaluate the major systems in your body, Applied Kinesiology helps determine precise treatments for your condition.

  • Lymphatic Compression Massage
    Nutritionist Chagrin Falls OH

    This therapy removes unwanted fluid and toxins, improves circulation, alleviates muscle soreness and cramps and helps alleviate stress.

  • Sauna Dome/Biomat Therapy
    Chiropractor Chagrin Falls OH

    Melt away muscle pain, stress and toxins with a special relaxing, therapeutic heat that penetrates the body up to 8 inches. Release at least 20% more toxins than a conventional sauna and we consider them as gold standards for maintaining health in a toxic world

  • Foot Bath Detox
    Alternative Medicine Chagrin Falls OH

    In addition to our Detoxification programs, we also recommend footbath detox unit treatments at our clinic. Contact us to find out more.

  • Red Light Therapy for Body Contouring
    Holistic Doctor Chagrin Falls OH

    LED Red Light Therapy for Body Contouring is a new breakthrough technology that uses a specific kind of therapeutic light that penetrates, opens up fat cells and liquefies the fat in them.

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